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Garden Party

Our english style park is the perfect place for your garden party.

The pond, the castle's terrace.

You can install a marquee to cover the party.

Exchange vows ceremony

There are different gorgeous places to organise your ceremony directly in the abbey.

Such a privilege to be able to plan everything in the same place.

François Ier Ballroom

Under the ancient vaults, the François Ier Ballroom and its fully equipped kitchen offer an ideal place for your events.

Also perfect for a sunday brunch.

Capacity : 140 sited guests or 300 standing for a cocktail.

Furniture and equipment available for rental.

A marquee can be installed to welcome up to 500 pax.

Bed and breakfast

32 persons can stay in our self catering places.

Ball room

140 seats

English style park

7 hectares

No time limit

Room for children

25 seats

Bed & Breakfast

32 persons

All our team is dedicated to make your dream come true.

Our wedding planner will help you in the preparation.

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Wedding in Vauluisant